Are AS Monaco FC A Cash Cow Or A Big Bust?

If we look deeper into Monaco, we can see that just having an advantageous tax status doesn’t necessarily mean that AS Monaco will be successful financially. They will more than likely be successful on the pitch, possibly even winning a Ligue 1 title and advancing far in future European competitions. But there is also a chance of the club being perpetually in the red. This doesn’t even factor in other issues, such as the Guðjohnsen episode, that can give the organization even more headaches. In the end, Dmitry Rybolovlev’s choice of Monaco might not have been the wisest.

So, if Monaco isn’t the best choice in France, what would be? There are a few smaller clubs that can easily be built up into mega-teams if the right buyer comes along. The best example of this would be Paris Football Club, or Paris FC. Currently, Paris FC is in France’s third division, the Championnat National, which means a small initial investment could see the club advance to Ligue 2 rapidly.

Not only does Paris FC have a financial advantage, they have a few wild cards as well. First, they have the word “Paris” in their name, which can easily bring both local and possible international recognition if they were to ever make it to Ligue 1. Second, a rivalry between Paris FC and PSG could be reignited. A strong rivalry started in the early 1970s between the two clubs when Paris FC split from PSG, which oddly saw Paris FC remaining in the First Division, while PSG was relegated to the Third Division. This rivalry could also lead to additional support. PSG’s biggest rival, Marseille, has a large fan base in Paris. With the addition of a new Paris-based rival, those OM fans living in Paris might consider Paris FC as their “number two” team, purely based out of the PSG-OM rivalry. Third, Paris FC’s stadium, Stade Charléty has a capacity of 20,000 and already qualifies for the minimum requirement of seats needed to be a Ligue 1 team. Also, the stadium is located in a different neighborhood than PSG’s Parc des Princes. True, Paris is known as a “rugby city,” but the overall population is more than enough to support two strong football teams.

While being the best example, Paris FC is just one example of French teams out there that can be purchased at a bargain with possibly bigger profits than Monaco. When putting other factors into play, teams like Paris FC can be successful. On the other hand, Monaco has already had their time in the limelight, which includes European success, and has still not been able to show that they can build, much less retain a loyal fan base and bring in profits to justify overspending on a team. With a little more research, Dmitry Rybolovlev might have chosen his team more wisely. But the “no taxes” idea seems to have led to a snap judgment.

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