Are AS Monaco FC A Cash Cow Or A Big Bust?

A problem that Monaco also faces is the size of the country, which only has a population of 36,000 people. With such a limited population, it will be hard to build a fan base. And, as previously mentioned, OGC Nice has captured the population of Nice, which is currently over 340,000 residents. If Monaco had a larger population, they could build a larger fan base. One example of this happening is in another sport, which is ice hockey. The Chicago Blackhawks were one of the worst teams as far as attendance in the National Hockey League in 2006. But once the team started winning championships, they sold more seats to games, and currently have one of the longest sellout streaks in the NHL. The reason why this is the case is that Chicago has the population to support a successful hockey club and become financially stable because of the population. Monaco severely lacks in this. With Nice to the west and Italy to the east, Monaco will have a hard time filling their stands on a regular basis.

Another issue that is a problem for Monaco, as well as for all Ligue 1 teams, is the lack of promotion in the English-language markets. It can be argued that the United States has the most fluid soccer fan base in the world, with kids from the St. Louis suburbs supporting an English club from a city that they have never visited. But because of the promotion of these clubs by the English-speaking media, teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have a strong American following with absolutely no connection whatsoever between club and fan. Basically, American fans “pick” their team of support. Even non-English teams, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, benefit from the English language exposure. But French football hasn’t tried to break into the English-speaking market. And when they have tried, the attempts have been halfhearted and filled with problems. This will surely hurt Monaco, who will rely on a new fan base “picking” Monaco as their favorite team, since organically growing a fan base will not be possible.

The problems mentioned above just focus on the fan base. But what about the actual players coming into the system? While many players are disciplined, there are others who will take advantage of the glitz and glamor that a Monaco lifestyle offers. The best example of this is Eiður Guðjohnsen. Guðjohnsen arrived in Monaco from Barcelona in 2009 and immediately gained the reputation of being a Monaco playboy. As a result, Guðjohnsen only played nine games for The Principality, then was immediately loaned to Tottenham and then quickly sold to Stoke City in 2010. If players who arrive in Monaco aren’t disciplined, they could see a similar fate to Eiður Guðjohnsen.

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