AS Roma’s home shirt for the 2013-14 season will be produced by themselves, will not include any logos for a shirt supplier, will feature the club’s own charity foundation as their shirt sponsor, will feature a new club logo, and will feature individual serial numbers on each shirt to add to the authenticity. By no means are Serie A club AS Roma going by the book for their new shirt next season.

While AS Roma has a new 10-year contract with Nike set to launch for the 2014/15 season, the club’s home shirt for the upcoming 2013/14 season is going to be produced exclusively by the club. The shirt is 100% made in Italy.

On the inside back of the shirt, the phrase “Solo per questa maglia…Unico Grande Amore” will be printed. On the back of the shirt collar, the roman numerals printed will pay tribute to the early 1900’s Roman FC team, one of the three clubs that merged together to form AS Roma.

The ‘Roma Cares’ shirt sponsor is the club’s charity foundation (the club is involved in several charities). The shirt will also feature the new Roma logo, which is a 3D design.

Meanwhile, on the lower left of the shirt, a unique serial number will be printed on each shirt.

Lastly, the shirt will feature the red and yellow-gold color that the club were famous for in the 1980’s.

Roma’s new home shirt for the 2013-14 season exudes class. And with it being produced exclusively by the club, it’s bound to be a collector’s item.

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H/T MaillotFoot.