BBC Lost Its Sense of Perspective When They Ambushed Gus Poyet

But then maybe that’s the problem. The football media has seen the success of the reality genre and is rushing to fill a perceived gap in the market, but in doing so it is careering straight into a brick wall, with Poyet as its passenger an early casualty. A situation that could have been settled with a minimum of embarrassment and publicity by the relevant parties has been whipped into a tabloid frenzy by producers who want real life stories but without sticking around to deal with the human consequences.

And poor old Gus? The two-times Championship manager of the month is left to pick up the needle and begin the fiddly process of preserving a career that is suddenly becoming unpicked, only now there will be the complications of Sunday’s publicity night knotting the yarn. He never was a great one for controversy in his playing days. That may not be the case for much longer if his misfortunes continue to be treated as fodder for a lazy and opportunistic media circuit.

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