EPL Transfer Rumors: Your Guide to Deciphering Fact From Fiction

The Neverending Story:

Weight: 50 Shreeves

There are certain players that are constantly linked with one team over and over and over again. Most recently Spurs have been on the end of a few of these, mainly with their sagas involving Leandro Damaio and Joao Moutinho. Every transfer window these two players are constantly linked with Spurs and yet nothing ever seems to materialize, despite how close they’ve reportedly been to signing both of the players. When looking at rumors like these you have to realize that there is some form of mutual attraction or else the rumors wouldn’t persist. But for whatever reason when the two parties get to the final hurdle someone ends up face planting while the rest of the field passes them by as they are left whimpering on the ground wondering what could have been. In the end if one of these sagas does have a happy ending, it’s usually because one side caved for one reason or another (usually wages, looking at you Levy). If you really want to judge these rumors properly, you need to look at the team that they’re linked to. If it’s a team that typically ends up getting what it wants (if you believe the Andre Schurrle deal to Chelsea is in fact done) then generally there’s a good chance that player will end up with that club eventually.

Decent Player, Decent Club, Why Not:

Weight: 35 Shreeves

These are the non flashy, not necessarily big name rumors that will generate clicks. Generally because these rumors aren’t as sexy, they usually tend to turn out the way that it is predicted. Basically with rumors like this you’re talking the likes of Steven Fletcher to Sunderland. A team filling a need with a good player, but it’s not going to be getting worldwide headlines when the deal is done.

The Prospect:

Weight: 10 Shreeves

Generally when you see a player you’ve never heard of from a lower division team you’ve never heard of linked to a club, it’s because that club has done its homework. These are less rumors and more of an insight into who and how teams scout their players. Granted not everyone of these rumors ends up happening, but if you’re a fan of the club you usually have a good sense about whether your team is in on a player like this or not.

So there you have it, a quick guide on transfer rumors to help you get through the summer. Don’t let the amount of Shreeves that is designated to a rumor put you off. If we know anything, the football world is full of Shreeves, in fact it’s over flowing with Shreeves. But as we all know the transfer market is an extremely volatile place where anything can happen. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go add Schurrle and Falcao to Chelsea.

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