Jose Mourinho has agreed a return to Chelsea and will likely join the club on July 1, according to a report in The Sun newspaper tonight.

Mourinho is still under contract at Real Madrid, but unless there are any unexpected hitches, The Special One will rejoin the Stamford Bridge club on a £10 million-a-year package.

Mourinho and Abramovich were spotted having dinner together in London on Thursday.

Don’t be surprised if both Chelsea and Real Madrid release official statements tomorrow denying that the story is true. Chelsea won’t break the news until a contract is signed, and Real Madrid will want to speak with Mourinho to decide what his future holds. Nevertheless, it looks very likely that Mourinho will be heading to Chelsea this summer unless a major obstacle gets in his way.

What’s your opinion about Jose Mourinho rejoining Chelsea? Will he be able to surpass his accomplishments in his first stint as manager? Will The Special One be able to knock Sir Alex Ferguson off his perch again at Manchester United? Post your opinions in the comments section below.