What FOX Soccer 2Go Could Have Been: Looking at MLB.TV

FOX Soccer has come a long way from where they were, even as recent as two years ago. I love the content that they provide to their television channel. But if FOX Soccer was to continue as a network, which it isn’t, they would need to step up their efforts if they ever wanted me to come back to their product despite my feverish love for the Premier League, FA Cup and the Champions League. It’s sad to see the lengths that similar platforms go to when an isolated technical incident arises compared to disinterested outlook FOX Soccer 2Go portrayed. Mlb.tv is far from perfect, but they seem to genuinely care about me as a consumer of a product that they are proud to provide. I have access to live video for 12 games today, which is more than I can say for a normal week at FOX Soccer 2Go. Obviously that is due, in large part, to the nature of soccer as a weekly or biweekly sport due to the increased wear and tear on the body. Even still, a price per game comparison would be laughable. Or depressing. I guess that depends on your point of view.

Editor’s note: FOX Soccer 2Go recently added a live chat functionality to its product, to allow subscribers to contact FOX Soccer 2Go‘s customer support from within the app itself.

While the future of FOX Soccer 2Go looks like it’ll change into FOX Sports GO, the new app from FOX Sports 1 scheduled to be released this summer, there are still enough Premier League and Champions League matches on FOX Soccer 2Go to make it worthwhile to consider for the remaining of this season.

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