Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe are expected to be announced in the next few weeks as the latest additions to the NBC Sports team that will bring the English Premier League into millions of homes beginning this summer.

Rebecca Lowe has already been revealed as the host/presenter of NBC’s EPL coverage. Mustoe and Earle, who both are accomplished soccer pundits, are expected to join the equally respected Lowe.

The pieces are starting to come together for how NBC Sports will present the Premier League to US audiences beginning this August. Both Earle and Mustoe are accomplished footballers who are English, proven experts in the game as well as well versed in tactically analyzing games and sharing their keen observations with the viewer.

The trio of Lowe, Earle and Mustoe have all worked for ESPN in different stages of their career. Lowe has worked at ESPN since 2009, mostly at ESPN UK where she has been a presenter and pitch-side reporter. Former Middlesbrough footballer Mustoe has been an analyst and commentator at ESPN since 2008, while former Wimbledon and Jamaica World Cup star Earle has worked with ESPN on many occasions for ESPN International as well as appearing on its Press Pass program.

If and when Mustoe and Earle are announced as the latest addition to NBC Sports, the two will form a formidable team of experts alongside Lowe. Mustoe, for a long time, has been one of ESPN’s most consistent and informative commentators. His style is more reserved, but what he says is often very intelligent and informative. Similarly, Earle has several years of experience covering matches. Many of us first heard him as a regular TWI co-commentator on Premier League matches. More recently, Earle has commentated MLS games for both NBC Sports and Portland Timbers.

What are your thoughts on the expectations that Mustoe and Earle will join NBC Sports as two of their experts on the English Premier League? Share your opinions in the comments section below.