You can probably count the number of hours before FOX Soccer or the Premier League asks for this video to be removed due to copyright infringements, so watch it while you can. It’s the pilot episode of what eventually became My Beautiful Game.

The original name for the documentary was ‘The Greatest Goal I Ever Saw.’ It’s interesting to watch this one to see how certain parts (including some of the interviews) stayed in the final version that was aired on television, as well as to see how many things were removed.

One part I liked the pilot compared to the final version is that the interviews are longer. One of my criticisms of the FOX Soccer documentary series was that it was choppy at times, where it felt like sound bites were thrown at you one after another in quick succession.

I do prefer that FOX Soccer picked the ‘My Beautiful Game’ name instead of using “The Greatest Goal I Ever Saw,” which is a bit of a mouthful.

What do you think about the pilot? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Greatest Goal Pilot (Became the series My Beautiful Game on Fox Soccer) from David Speck on Vimeo.