West Ham United has unveiled their home shirt for the 2012-13 season.

Just like Aston Villa, West Ham United’s shirt is designed and manufactured by Italian kit designer Macron. In the case of West Ham United’s home shirt, I think it looks classy. I especially like the new collar design, which looks very trendy. According to the club website, “The shirt features a stylish claret knitwear ‘corean’ neck collar with a sky blue insert, embellished by a stitched yellow cross recalling the symbolic Hammers logo.”

The rest of the Hammers home shirt is pretty straightforward, although there is another mbossed Hammers logo on the back of the shirt.

The shorts are the traditional white, complete with a stitched West Ham logo, while the socks are predominantly claret but highlighted by two sets of sky blue and white hoops.

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