Southampton Football Club has unveiled their new home and away shirts for the 2012-13 season, in a season where we’ll see the Saints back in the top flight. Unfortunately, I hate Southampton’s new home shirt with a passion.

Reason being is that Southampton (and shirt makers Umbro) have completely changed the home shirt design, so it’s quite unlike the famous red and white stripes that Southampton are renowned for playing in. Out the window goes tradition, and in comes a shirt looking like something Nottingham Forest would wear.

In one move, Southampton has completely ruined an incredible opportunity to produce a beautifully designed shirt that Southampton supporters (and neutral fans) worldwide would enjoy. Instead, we get a plain red jersey with white pinstripes that completely lacks originality. The away jersey by Southampton looks better. It’s a completely reversal of the home shirt. Southampton’s away shirt is white with red pinstripes.

The travesty of Southampton and Umbro’s decision to launch this new home kit cannot go understated. Here are a few of the iconic Southampton jerseys from the past that remind you of how great this new design could have been:

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