On Tuesday, Carlos Tevez issued an apology to Manchester City Football Club. Despite this apparent show of remorse, Roberto Mancini should refrain from using the Argentinean striker regularly. Even though City are currently in need of a few more goals, it would be unfair to sit the players who have helped City reach the top spot in the Premier League in favor of Carlos Tevez.

The apology may have been released in the worst form possible- a written statement published on the club’s website. “I wish to apologize sincerely and unreservedly to everybody I have let down and to whom my actions over the last few months have caused offence. My wish is to concentrate on playing football for Manchester City Football Club.”

Only days after Tevez said the club treated him “like a dog,” everything now appears on the surface to be solved. Tevez also decided to drop his appeal of Manchester City’s gross misconduct charge. Taking into account recent events, perhaps the best way to bring an end to this drama would be a televised handshake between Mancini and Tevez.

Upon further inspection, the apology seems far from sincere and very forced. Tevez must have realized that the only way out of his current situation was to reconcile with Mancini and the club. He had to have grown tired of sitting in Argentina while the looming questions regarding his future circulated in the British tabloids and around the globe.

But if Mancini were to reintegrate Tevez into the squad, he would risk undermining his own authority. Remember that the City manager said that Tevez would never play for the club again. Mancini has developed the reputation of being a ruthless general, but the other Manchester City players may believe that his toughness is only talk if he lets Tevez back into the fold.

The return of Tevez could also impact the rest of the team in a very serious way. Imagine what Sergio Aquero, Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko would think if the manager hands Tevez significant playing time. Here is a man, Tevez, who has been relaxing on the beach, sipping margaritas for three months while the other forwards were sweating on behalf of Manchester City Football Club. And they have been doing a good job, as evidenced by City’s position at the top of the Premier League.

Not only would Tevez’s comeback disturb the other players, it would also destroy any values the club claims to hold. Manchester City and Roberto Mancini need to show that Tevez’s antics will not be tolerated. By enforcing such a policy, other individuals who become disenchanted with the manager may be frightened at the prospect of being forbidden to ever again wear the kit of Manchester City.

Even if Tevez performs well and improves the team, there is always the chance that he will suffer another breakdown, which could derail City’s title aspirations. Carlos can only do so much harm when he is across the pond in Argentina, but in the dressing room, his virus could spread quickly to other members of the squad. If another dispute arises between Tevez and club management, players may start taking sides and the situation could get ugly quickly. Just the thought of another mutiny should persuade Mancini to keep away from the toxic striker.

While Tevez should not be permitted to take any part in the all-important league games, the Europa League may provide an opportunity for Manchester City to use Tevez. By putting him in the shop window, City can hope to catch the wandering eye of AC Milan, Inter, or any other club interested in Tevez. Manchester City’s main focus appears to be winning the league, so the Europa League could prove to be vital if it helps accomplish the goal of eventually selling Tevez.

Ultimately, Roberto Mancini has a very important decision to make in the near future. The return of Tevez could upset the squad, but maybe the manager believes that the Argentinian can propel Manchester City to their first top flight league title since 1968. However, by weighing the potential pros and cons of each outcome, it becomes clear that the costs of bringing Tevez back to the Etihad Stadium outweigh the benefits.