Having watched the gutless performance exhibited by the Wolverhampton Wanderers players yesterday, I was expecting a response but certainly not this. First off, Wolves is still in with a great chance of avoiding relegation and to get rid of the manager at this stage of the season defies logic. Mick McCarthy has throughout his tenure at the club done what was best for the club as a whole.

If McCarthy had felt he wasn’t up to the job of saving their Premier League status, he would have been the first to admit it, and walk. Clearly, McCarthy believed he could bring about a change in the club’s fortunes that would ensure Premier League football at Molineux for a fourth successive season. So to sack him now, in my opinion, was the wrong decision.

What gives Steve Morgan the right to sack a man who has done wonders for the club, without having the courtesy to speak to him face to face? By all accounts, Morgan is on a skiing holiday at present, and clearly was not around at Molineux yesterday to witness the harrowing defeat. However, if he just adopted the same approach the wonderfully understanding Dave Whelan has taken at Wigan and encouraged and engaged with his manager as opposed to undermining him as he did during their game against Liverpool, then the situation may have worked out differently. Some critics praised Morgan’s dressing down of the players, but truth be told the effect of this was to undermine the manager and condemn the players to a sense of panic that was patently obvious from yesterday’s game.

Morgan should take a long look in the mirror and be ashamed of himself for his ill-mannered conduct. I hope he enjoys his skiing holiday.

Certainly McCarthy made some errors while in charge of Wolves but what manager does not? When Man United faced Chelsea at Old Trafford in 2010 in what was effectively a title decider, Sir Alex got his tactics completely wrong, and United lost the league as a consequence but he wasn’t sacked. Unquestionably starting yesterday’s derby with three strikers proved a tactical error on McCarty’s part and as the game progressed the hold WBA managed to have on the game clearly originated from this poor piece of tactical judgement. Nevertheless, it is the players who are paid to perform and how many Wolves players can hold their hands up and say they have done the manager or their club justice this term?

Roger Johnson has been a complete and utter disaster since his transfer, and to compound matters the goalkeeper in spite of the occasional brilliant save has been defined by a catalogue of basic errors. For all the criticism DeGea has received, Wayne Hennessey in my opinion has had a torrid campaign and he more than most has to take a large portion of blame now that his manager has been sacked. The rest of the team haven’t been much better apart from the magnificent Fletcher and the dependable Ward. Too many players in a gold jersey have shirked responsibility on too many occasions this season and in the end they have cost a good man and a quality manager his job.

Perhaps tonight the players may feel a sense of shame for their pathetic performances on the field this season, but even if they do McCarthy will still be out of a job even if it is not for too long one suspects.