If I had to pick three of my fondest “toys” from my childhood, it would definitely be my leather football I got for Christmas, as well as the Commodore VIC-20 computer and my Subbuteo collection.

Launched in 1947, Subbuteo is a two-player table soccer game that is played on a green felt pitch. The tactics are very similar to a real game of football. The main feature of the game, which is still popular today around the world, is the flicking of the football players to connect with the ball (for dribbling, a pass, tackle or a shot on goal).

In the above video, the Italian filmmakers show a preview of the documentary which looks incredibly well done. The film should be released in 2012. At this time, they’re asking for donations to help fund the completion of the filming of Subbuteopia. More information can be found on their website at http:\/\/www.subbuteopia.com/

Out of curiosity, I checked the American Subbuteo Association website (yes, there is one) to see if there are any Subbuteo clubs in my area. There are several across the United States, but none near me. View the list of Subbuteo associations near you.