“Fact Or Fiction” is a series that will be run every Friday. In this series, an assertion will be made regarding an impacting topic in the Premier League. EPL Talk writers
Matt Hackenmiller and Earl Reed each offer their views on whether the statement is “Fact or Fiction.”

Fact or Fiction: David Silva is Manchester City’s most important player.

MH: Fact. Although the forwards get most of the attention, Silva is the player that makes the City attack dangerous. The way that he is able to distribute the ball and find Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko in space is what makes this club go. Silva has created more goal scoring chances from open play than any other player in the Premier League this season. With the Carlos Tevez news this week, it seems that Silva will start to move into more of a leadership role for the club. Of all of the big name transfer signings over the past few seasons for City, it appears that the signing of David Silva has been the most significant.

ER: Fact. For one thing, I believe if David Moyes goes out of his way to man-mark you out of a match, I think it says something about your role. Silva was pestered in City’s recent victory over Everton by Jack Rodwell, and it was only after Everton had to chase an equalizer that Silva broke free to set up James Milner’s goal. The Blues still won, but with Silva clamped it put a damper on the attack. I think you will see Samir Nasri grow in importance as he beds in with the club, but for now Silva is the primary creative force in the front four for City. You take last season’s primary scorer: Tevez. This season: Dzeko and Aguero. David Silva is the common denominator in making these top quality forwards even better.

What do you think, is it fact or fiction that David Silva is Manchester City’s most important player?