Perhaps at no point in the history of the United States Men’s National Team has Turkey featured so prominently, but with the closing of the European transfer window on Monday, the country’s soccer league was near the forefront of many USMNT supporters’ minds. That’s because a former national team prospects going the the country’s second level, a current national team player is going to the first division’s defending champions, and one of the teams stars nearly found himself at a Gala (only to turn toward Birmingham for the last dance).

On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, myself and Christopher Riordan talk about the prominent moves around Europe for some around the U.S. Men’s National Team, players who could have been called into this month’s friendly in Egypt, had that game not been cancelled. We talk about U.S. Soccer’s announcement that USA versus Egypt has been cancelled, as well as news about potential national team members, Major League Soccer conference alignment, and this year’s All-Star Game.