It’s sneaky how the Premier League selects its schedule for each season. After the massive match between Manchester United and Arsenal earlier this week, we now have Chelsea against Man United to look forward to this weekend (as well as nine other mouthwatering matches).

But who will win at Stamford Bridge, which used to be a fortress for Chelsea but is now a mere barn door? Vote in the poll below.

Meanwhile, feel free to add your opinion regarding the following questions in the comments section below. If Chelsea loses, do you feel that the Blues will be technically out of the Premier League title race especially if Man United goes on to win their game in hand (scheduled for late January)? If United wins and they beat Blackpool, they will be nine points ahead of Chelsea. Is that gap too much?

Vice-versa, if Chelsea wins, the two teams are neck-and-neck on the same number of points even though United still has that game in hand. If Chelsea beats Manchester United, could that give them the confidence to go on a string of winning games that will help them eventually lift the Premier League trophy?

There’s obviously still a long way to go, but the above questions do put Sunday’s match into context. Depending on what happens, it could have big ramifications for the remainder of this Premier League season.

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