How Should Moral Standards and Crime Be Treated in Football?

The media obsession with making them celebrities is terrible for the game, footballers are not PR experts (although some have developed these skills), they have a primary skill that should be illuminated and their ability to drink, sleep or cheat their way around an expensive nightclub should be kept between the player and his conscience.

In this case it is easy to conclude that the only moral standard a player should be held to off the pitch is his own and not one conceived in the media, yet if a crime is committed the lines become more blurred. 

If I was to be convicted of a crime getting a job in my current line of work would be impossible to find a new job after being released, yet footballers seem unaffected. I am honestly searching for answers on this one I cannot balance the morals and the will to give someone a second chance.

How should footballers committed of a crime be treated once they have served there sentence?

Should they be excluded from the game or welcomed back under certain provisions?

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