As a true Englishman wherever possible my posts seem to mention the weather and no more so than this week as Britain suffered an early cold snap. Which as now seems standard brought the country to a standstill.

This weekend in the Championship there were five postponements causing disruption and frustration to the league planners for the 2010/2011 fixture list.

The media is most likely to use the disruption that decimated the Football League program to discuss two points, the merits of undersoil heating (that will be covered later in the week on ChampionshipTalk) and the perennial proposal of a winter break being introduced.

The idea of a winter break is a solid one, a period of say three weeks without any matches to allow players and pitches alike to rest and recuperate over the festive season.

The hope would obviously also be to avoid some of the worst of the British weather and avoid postponements, poor quality pitches and excessive injuries.

As someone who is pretty change adverse when it comes to the beautiful game, I would have never been in favour of a winter break but I can only find one reason not to embrace a winter break, the wildly unpredictable weather.

This year the bitter cold weather came the earlier than it has done in two decades and the wasted journeys of fans would not have been saved had a winter break been in effect this season.

However next year the bad weather could come in late December or January and suit a winter break perfectly, however such a spell could come later or not at all. I remember Easter holidays that have been as warm as summer and some that have been as cold and snow filled as the worst January day.

In reality the weather in the UK is fairly moderate from a global perspective, but this has made the public and bureaucratic systems unable to cope with any ‘extreme’ in temperature. In developed countries such as the northern parts of the USA sub zero winters and scorching summers are par for the course but few people seem to fuss or struggle.

In Canada the cold snap this week would be brushed up as an autumnal warm spell, whereas in England even an inch of snow represents an obstacle that is nigh on impossible to overcome.

The winter break is a good idea but the inability of our normally adaptable country to survive a few cold days and the unpredictable nature of when they will arise, put paid to any suggestions of a winter break to me.

There are other arguments against a break such as fixture congestion and what would happen in years of major championships. Yet I am going to stick to a traditional stereotype and blame it all on the weather.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts though, are you for or against a winter break in football?