Origins of Nicknames for 20 Premier League Clubs

Supporters of Premier League clubs often pride themselves on their nicknames, but do you really know the origin of them? Do you know the origins of the Baggies, Gunners, Red Devils, Toffees, Trotters, Hammers, Lilywhites and Citizens?

Let’s take a closer at look some of the interesting stories behind each of Premier League club’s nicknames.

Arsenal – The Gunners

Like many, Arsenal’s nickname goes right back to when the club was originally founded. Way back in 1886, workers at Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory decided to form a football club called Dial Square. The club would be renamed as Woolwich Arsenal before dropping the prefix in 1913, but their original connection with the armament industry would remain and the names Gunners is now synonymous with the club.

Aston Villa – Villans

Not the most fascinating story behind this one. Formed when a local cricket team Villa Cross needed something to occupy themselves during the winter months, the name Villa inevitably evolved to Villans.

Blackburn Rovers – Rovers

Again not the most imaginable nickname. Rovers is a common team name for a side which is willing to travel distances for victory. Logically fans shortened the clubs name to Rovers.

Birmingham City – Blues

When the club was formed as Small Heath Alliance they decided the club would play in a dark blue shirt. The club would stick with these colors and the nickname Blues was born.

Blackpool – Seasiders/ Tangerines

One of several clubs to have multiple nicknames. The term Seasiders relates to the popularity of the town as a tourist resort on the North West coast, while Tangerines relates to the color of the clubs home kit. The club picked up the colors after been impressed when a club official saw a Netherlands side play.

Bolton Wanderers – Trotters

There are a few reported explanations for this one. One explanation claims that like Rovers, the term Wanderers implies a side is willing to travel great distances for victory. The term Trotters is simply a variation. Another explanation claims that the Trotters nickname originates because people from Bolton have a reputation for being practical jokers. Pranksters are known locally as Trotters. The most bizarre explanation claims that an old ground was built next to a pig farm and stray balls would end up with the pigs.

Chelsea – Pensioners

The nickname comes from the well known Chelsea Pensioners – war veterans living in a nearby hospital. In 1905 the club adopted the crest of  the Chelsea pensioners, and the nickname followed on.

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