Back in June, I wrote an article for MLS Talk about the possibility of Ronaldinho taking his talents to Los Angeles to play for the Galaxy.

Apparently, the rumor is alive and well.

The latest incarnation is the speculation that the Galaxy are prepared to offer €7 million a year to get the Brazilian to play his home games at the Home Depot Center.

That’s about $10 million, if you’re wondering.

Ronaldinho is in the final year of his contract, so there wouldn’t be the issue of a transfer fee.

Of course, if you type his name in Google and hit news, you see several stories saying he’s talking with the Galaxy, and a few more that say he’s staying put – at least until season’s end.

The questions, I suppose, are these:

Does he want to play in MLS, and is it a good idea?

He has no goals and three assists in seven Serie A matches this season, so unless his form starts to rise, he’s probably going to be looking for a new club this summer.

So, would he want to try to play in Spain? Germany? Brazil? Or, would he take the pay day and play with the Galaxy?

It’s hard to say.

As for the second question, it’s hard to imagine the move as anything but positive.

He won’t be billed as the savior of American soccer (see Beckham, David), so assuming he has anything at all left in the tank (he probably does) and assuming he doesn’t eat his way off the pitch, he can be a draw for the Galaxy in particular and the league in general.

So, is this just another rumor? Or is it more likely now than it was a few months back? And would it be a good fit?

Chime in below.