After a disappointing draw to Montenegro, do England need to look at football from the olden days to gain success?

On a serious note the draw was a very poor result for England, but I think there must be a sense of reality added to the score. Without a doubt Montenegro were the toughest of the sides to come from the lower ranked nations.

In years to come the former Yugoslav state will establish themselves a tough side to face in European football and I can safely say that they won’t finish bottom of England’s qualifying group.

But Fabio Capello will still be bitterly disappointed by the result, and England desperately showed their lack of a cutting edge. It was apparent against the USA and Algeria during the World Cup and against a stubborn defence tonight, England couldn’t break through once again. To be honest I think England missed Jermain Defoe, he has the natural ability to score goals, I would have backed him to take one of Wayne Rooney’s chances tonight.

But hopefully this will act as another learning curve for Capello on how to break negative sides down, however I won’t be holding my breath. The Italian is set in his ways and won’t change tactics in future based on another bad result. Unfortunately I see similar results becoming a regular occurrence in the future, due to Capello’s lack of tactical fluidity.

England are far too regimented compared to other nations and that, as shown in South Africa will only hold them back in their quest for a return to the top of world football.