The old saying is that a good team can grind out a result when they are not playing well. Well Manchester City did that today with a hard fought win over an impressive Newcastle United side.

If there is one that that City boss has brought to the club since his arrival last December, it is the Italian mentality to grind out results. In truth Newcastle were probably worthy of a point today, but Adam Johnson’s late goal was enough to end see the Toon travel home empty handed.

Johnson’s introduction probably explains why City are able to grind out results. After a game where they struggled to really have any creative spark, Mancini was able to turn to a bench possessing quality that would walk in to most sides in the Premier League.

It’s hardly surprising that Mancini has this much quality at his disposal. On Friday City revealed the true price of their quest for success.  It doesn’t make pretty reading for the bank manager of Sheikh Mansour after the Eastlands club lost a staggering £121 million for 12 months leading up May 31 2010.

Perhaps an even more remarkable statistic was that City managed to spend £133million wages and only turned over £125 million. It does make you think just how sustainable this level of spending is. Yes City are backed by owners who have a bottomless pit of wealth to invest in to the club, but they will surely want to see a return on their investment in the not so distant future.

This is why Mancini is under so much pressure, as will any manager who takes over at Eastlands; £121 million is far too much of an expense for a failing side. A failing sides responsibility ultimately lies with the manager.

So while City were able to grind a win today, Mancini will have to keep grinding out the results in order to keep Sheikh Mansour’s axe away from him.

Also a quick note over Newcastle winger Hatem Ben Arfa who picked up a horrific injury early on in the game. Hopefully the injury is not as bad as first feared.