Housewife favourite Sousa is ousted from his position

Three months and nine league games was all that Portuguese tactician Paulo Sosa lasted in the Foxes hot seat, as the club have announced that they are dispensing of his services as of today. This news is quite bizarre considering Chairman Milan Mandaric has insisted recently that Sousa would be staying, as well as urging the fans to give the manager time and it is quite likely that this is a decision that has been taken up by the clubs new owners who may have been quite concerned regarding their investment. Mandaric said in the interview defending Sousa that “we have a long term plan and Paulo is part of that” making you wonder what the hell the short term plan was? Mike Stowell and Chris Powell (hero) will take temporary charge until a new manager can be found, but the real question is whether or not the Foxes were right to sack Sousa in the first place.

Well surprise surprise, one of the early front runners is our old friend Sven Goran Eriksson and if you were to answer the above query regarding how correct Sousa’s dismissal is in relation to Sven, then it’s a terrible decision. Sven was thought to be ready to take over Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia in the near future (for football reasons obviously) yet he is now apparently in talks with the Foxes over their vacant position. Terrace hero Martin O’Neill is another name that has been branded around, but how much reality there is in his signature is unclear at the moment, he would certainly be a popular choice if he chose to take up the challenge. Sven on the other hand is a manager who I think lacks a lot of passion and only has money on his mind, he will bring a lot of attention and publicity to Leicester, but in footballing terms he would be a poor choice, I and a number of people I know often question how this man keeps finding jobs within football.

This is sadly another case of the modern way of football, in which pressure mounts up fast. Sousa had a particular style of football which maybe the side hadn’t adapted to yet and I have a feeling that we won’t see him in the English game for quite a while now, which is a shame as he was a manager with a lot of potential. I’m always a fan of giving the manager a chance and believe this is the wrong decision and Leicester may be caught up in their surprising success from last season. I am not saying I expect them to be in a relegation battle, but sacking a manager after only 3 months is something I hate to see. Who knows though, maybe there was something going on behind the scenes that resulted in this, there are plenty things in football we don’t hear about and maybe some of the players had differences with Sousa. I do always like to point out to people who think early sackings are just that Sir Alex Ferguson was so nearly let go from Man Utd in his first season. The rest is history. Who ever does take over this post must understand that it comes with it’s own pressures, particularly that of Lord Mayor Colin Hall, who fancies himself as the Berlusconi of England

Who do you think will be the new Foxes manager?