This summer I have followed Roy Hodgson’s journey to Liverpool. Hodgson’s move to Anfield has taught me some valuable lessons. First, every individual should do what is best for themselves and what is in their heart. Second, a manager has the right to change his mind. Roy Hodgson introduced me to the reality of being a manager in the Premier league.

Shortly after Fulham lost in the Final of the Europa League, the talk began regarding Hodgson possibly leaving Fulham for Liverpool. Hodgson took Fulham from the brink of relegation just a few years ago to the Final of the Europa League. When Liverpool came knocking on his door he had a decision to make. Should he stay at Fulham or go to Liverpool?

Fulham would be a comfortable situation for Hodgson if he stayed. He had a team that was pretty much the same club that went to Europe last season. If he went to Liverpool, it would be a new challenge, and a chance to rebuild a giant club in football.

In the end his move to Liverpool was the right decision for himself. Fulham fans can be disappointed, but would you want someone as your manager who wants to be someplace else? Hodgson followed his heart to Anfield. He wanted to be the manager of Liverpool.

Hodgson also taught me the lesson that a manager has a right to change his mind. At Hodgson’s press conference in being introduced as Liverpool manager, he was asked if he would be pursuing Fulham players to bring to Anfield. Hodgson stated he would not raid his former club. Hodgson was sincere and I bought this statement.

The harsh reality of football is that a manager has to do what is best for his club. Liverpool are in the process of signing Fulham left back Paul Konchesky who is reportedly at Anfield for a medical. If Konchesky does become a Liverpool player than Hodgson would have taken away a player from his former club. He would be raiding Fulham.

What I have learned is that a person has the right to change his mind. Hodgson is doing what he thinks is best for his club. It is up to Fulham to either reject the advances, or get the best deal for Konchesky. If a deal is made, and it is fair then both clubs can benefit.

Roy Hodgson has taught me some valuable lessons this summer. I think Hodgson made the right decision for himself in leaving Fulham. I also learned that a manager has the right to change their mind when they are trying to better their club. As a Fulham fan it is tough to deal with, but it is the reality of the football world we live in.