UPDATE: Note from The Gaffer… I’d like to apologize to the Philadelphia Union fans regarding the incorrect insinuation that the fans were chanting the F bomb, when they were actually not.

Wednesday night, the Philadelphia Union hosted Manchester United at Lincoln Financial Field in Pennsylvania. I am a Manchester United fan, and ever since my first trip to Old Trafford last November, I am making it a point to see them live at least twice a year any way I can. Luckily for me, they decided to tour North America this summer.

I live in North Carolina, and drove about 10 hours to get to Philadelphia. It was my first time there, but I came out with a very negative opinion of Philadelphia fans, all because of the Philadelphia Union supporters section.

Much like any other soccer team, the Philadelphia Union supporters section sit behind the goal. When I was there, they were wearing light blue jerseys. I remember thinking it was quite nice that the Philadelphia Union had a section filled with dedicated supporters who were there to cheer on their team.

And then they opened their mouths.

When Tomasz Kuszczak took his first goal kick, and every subsequent one after that, the Philadelphia Union supporters section (mind you, only the ones with the blue jerseys) would yell “You suck, a**hole!” It was amusing at first, but during periods of possession by Manchester United, the fans started to yell “F**k you!” in unison. This being my first time in Philadelphia, I did not think I would experience such an ignorant group of fans, who instead of creating a clever song, or chant, resorted to profanity, insults, and generally embarrassed themselves by showing the world just how crass and unimaginative American fans can be. Being American myself, I was embarrassed for them, and I also wanted to apologize if there were any foreign fans having to experience such behavior.

I would also like to point out we sat next to a very nice Irish man, and also a Scottish man, and they were very much into the game, but they never directed a single insult at a Union player.

I wanted to post this because I have seen that there have been match analysis already on the website, but I don’t think anyone has written in who was live at the game. But it is safe to say that Philadelphia Union supporters only know a few words. “f**k” “you” “a**hole” “suck” and “beer.” What a “great” way to welcome one of the biggest clubs in the universe, with ignorance. I apologize on behalf of real fans who do not need to resort to vulgar comments just to get our points across.