US 1 – Algeria 0 — US Produces 90+ Minutes of Agony Followed by 5 Seconds of Ecstasy

CONCACAF sent three teams to South Africa, and two have gotten through to the knockout round. Not bad. Africa has sent six teams to the World Cup finals, and it is a good bet that all six will be headed home. That is a really disappointing showing, especially since this is the first Finals to take place on the African continent.

The Italians are not soccer fans. They are just fans of the Italian team. I am vacationing with my family in Italy this week, and it was remarkably hard to find a bar in Milan that was showing the game. I finally tracked one down next door to the American consulate, and even then I was practically the only one there to watch the game. I assume the country will stop and watch tomorrow’s Italy plays its next game, but it is hard to find anyone to pay attention to the World Cup when Italy is not involved.

It is nice to have a few days off before the US takes on its next opponent. That being said, another game like that, and I will have to find some nice Italian person to grab some paddles and restart my heart.

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