ESPN "Fan Rant Challenge" – Who is the World Cup's Best Player So Far?

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ESPN’s proclaimed “footy fanatic”, Josh Elliot has called out all World Cup fans. Sportscenter wants to know who you think is the best player in the 2010 World Cup so far. The ESPN anchor picks Gonzalo Higuain, the convenient choice after today’s hat trick against South Korea. However, I think the EPL Talk readers are more creative and knowledgeable than that. Do you think Diego Forlan has been more impressive? How about players without goals to their name? Robinho, Enyeama, Messi? I think cases can be made for many players who have been extremely influential thus far.

View the challenge page by clicking here, to see the official rules and submission instructions. Here is Mr. Elliot’s argument for Higuain:

The contest is simple, make your video around 1 minute in length. Keep it clean. Be creative, persuasive, accurate, funny, and awesome. Send it to ESPN, and the winning video will be posted on on Saturday, June 19th. The deadline for submission is Friday at 12pm ET. So get to work!

Although ESPN will only pick one winning video to appear on Saturday’s Sportscenter, we would still love to see all your videos. So after you make your video and send it to ESPN, feel free to post to our Facebook page, or email your video to me and I’ll add it. We want to see how creative our readers are! Have fun!


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