Google Enhances Search Engine Results For World Cup

Either Google (GOOG) is a very worldly company, they understand marketing or they have a lot of die-hard soccer fans who work within their successful organization. Whatever the case, Google has implemented a couple of interesting features to its search engine results.

When you visit and enter a search for the World Cup, the “next page” navigation that appears at the very foot of the page has been changed from “Google” to “Goal” (see above screen capture).

Also, when you enter a World Cup related search into Google, the search engine results pages embeds a World Cup-related section into the results page, which features a listing of all 32 participating World Cup teams along with the schedule of the next matches that will be played (see above photo).

Now that the number one search engine is promoting the World Cup, maybe it’s time for Carol Bartz at Yahoo to get her search engine team in order because Yahoo has nothing special when you search for “World Cup” on its engine. When searching for “World Cup” on Bing, the new search engine combines related World Cup topics into categories and lists the schedule of the next World Cup games but offers nothing beyond that.

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