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To start a game, try to pick players that you think will be involved early and often in the first 10 minutes of the match. As the two sides attempt to establish possession and cohesion moving forward, the midfielders usually get a lot of touches, thus earning you a good number of early points every time they complete a pass. All that said, if you like to take risks, or want to try to establish an early lead in your mini game, you should pick the player or players you think have the best chance of scoring an early goal because goals are worth the most points.

Be Able to Adapt Quickly:

Believe it or not, 10 minutes of a football match moves pretty quickly especially when you’re trying to watch the TV, computer and the performances of players all at the same time. If one of your picks is having an off day, mis-hitting passes, or is prone to foul often, don’t be afraid to sub him as soon as you see fit. His lack of a positive performances will cost you points that another player could be earning for you.

If one player earned you a lot of points in your first mini game, feel free to pick him again. The player may be in the midst of good form and could earn you valuable points all afternoon.

Pay Attention to Trends:

This may seem obvious, but if you notice a certain player earning a lot of points that you haven’t picked, sub one of your players out for him. Early on in the Chelsea v Aston Villa match, John Obi Mikel completed a lot of passes in midfield thus earning a point every time he did so. I quickly subbed Mikel for Drogba who wasn’t heavily involved early on. Mikel earned me more points in just a few minutes than Drogba did in 10.

Have Fun:

Picklive can be a blast when your players are performing well and earning you points. Equally, your players can frustrate you when uninvolved. Remember, it’s just a game, but have fun with it and have a chat with the other football fans in your mini games.

For readers of EPL Talk who are interested in checking out Picklive, the next available match takes place Sunday, April 11th and will feature the second FA Cup semi final of Portsmouth v Tottenham. Feel free to leave any comments, tips or thoughts on Picklive in the comments section below.

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