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Picklive Football is an online, real-time football gaming website where gamers participate in picking players during live matches to try and gain points and win chips in 10 minute mini games. I tried out Picklive on Saturday during the first FA Cup semi final featuring Chelsea and Aston Villa and was surprised with how fast the games move and how exciting, fun and intriguing the mini games can be.

During the duration of the 90 minute match, multiple 10 minute games can be played where participants pick 3 different players from the 22 players on the field. Participants can also sub a player for a different player already on the field if they feel their player isn’t performing well. As soon as your 10 minute mini game is finished, you can quickly start up another match. The players you pick can be a combination from both teams. For example, in my first match, I picked Didier Drogba, Florent Malouda and James Milner (and ended up finishing 6th out of 7th).

Participants can earn points based on the performances of each one of the players they’ve picked. At the end of the 10 minute mini games, the player with the most points wins a certain number of chips that determines your overall ranking on the Picklive website (In my second match, I finished 1st and won 60+ chips).

Points can come from your three players in a myriad of different ways.

  • Completed Pass – 1 point
  • Completed Cross – 1 point
  • Interception – 1 point
  • Goal – 20 points
  • Assist – 10 points
  • & much more

Your selected players can also loose points for you if they aren’t contributing or if they’re making mistakes:

  • Failed Pass = -1 point
  • Foul = -3 points
  • Red Card = -20 points
  • Own Goal = -20 points
  • Yellow Card = -10 points


I may regret this because I’m essentially spilling what worked well for me, but if you want to play and win, my advice to you first off would be to play multiple games throughout the 90 minutes in order to increase your chances of winning chips. To start off, I’d recommend picking safe picks in your first match. Pick 2 central midfielders from 1 team and another central midfielder from the opposition team.

(This strategy may not work in a match where 1 team is dominating possession over the other team. For example, if one team is attacking well and has chance after chance, the forward most players on that team coupled with either the goal keeper or central defenders on the other team may be the players who could earn you the most points because they’re seeing the ball the most).

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