No matter whether you’re a fan of a particular Premier League club, the league itself or soccer in general, the above two videos should be required viewing so you can get a taste of how English soccer has changed as well as how the TV production of the beautiful game has changed considerably over the years.

The two videos feature Chelsea playing at Stamford Bridge. The first is from the 1974/75 season against Arsenal. The second is from the 1980/81 season against Queens Park Rangers, who used to be a force to be reckoned with in the top flight of English football.

If I had to list all of the interesting observations I saw in these two videos (both are the first ten minutes of the broadcast from The Big Match TV show from England), they would number more than a dozen. However, I’d prefer to keep the element of surprise so you can see for yourself through your own eyes all of the interesting differences both on and off the pitch.

After watching the videos, post your interesting observations in the comments section below. One observation I’ll point out is how the two players in the Chelsea against Arsenal match got injured in a clean tackle, but how both of them quickly got up and tried to shake their injury off rather than sprawling around on the grass and pretending they had been shot.