On Friday night, Fox released a press release stating that Fox Soccer Plus would be available on Time Warner Cable beginning March 1. EPL Talk broke the news on Twitter. Time Warner Cable customers got excited.

Except that Time Warner Cable won’t be launching Fox Soccer Plus on Monday. Time Warner Cable will start carrying the network in select markets on dates yet to be specified, Fox Cable Networks spokesman Brian Peterson told the Associated Press on Friday. How vague is that compared to the original quote from the press release which sounds quite concrete:

“Fox Soccer Plus has reached agreements with DIRECTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS to offer the service to subscribers beginning March 1, 2010.”

This is obviously very frustrating news for Time Warner Cable customers. Their expectations were raised last night only for those hopes to come crashing down. And how much more vague can you get as “select markets on dates yet to be specified.” Ugh! Your best bet is to check with your regional TWC office.

In other Fox Soccer Plus news, Fox Soccer Plus will not be available in HD when it launches on Monday on DirecTV, DISH Network.