Fox Soccer Channel is now broadcasting in HD, according to several reports from viewers nationwide. The 24/7 soccer network has added the HD symbol to its coverage and is now available to all carriers nationwide. However not all programming shown by Fox is HD content, and not all carriers have added the HD feed as of yet.

The next step for cable and satellite carriers will be to manually add a HD channel (cable) or HD sub-channel (satellite), so while Fox is now broadcasting in HD, the ball is firmly in the hands of the TV carriers nationwide.

DirecTV is receiving the HD signal from Fox Soccer Channel but DirecTV has not yet added the HD feed, a source confirmed to EPL Talk on Thursday.

In additional news, FSC HD showed up in the uplink reports from DISH Network yesterday. Basically this means a link has been made for the channel and then DISH will “flip a switch” to make it viewable for their customers. Fox Soccer Channel is on channel 149 on DISH.

If you’re a Fox Soccer Channel viewer, please post in the comments section below whether you’re able to see FSC in HD.