USSF Brokered Compromise Announced


The USSF has risen to the occasion and forged a compromise between the NASL and USL for a Federation run, 12 team D2 in 2010. The NASL teams are meeting in Fort Lauderdale beginning tomorrow and the MLS Combine begins tomorrow.

The compromise forged by the USSF is good news for the fans in the twelve markets. Nine of the teams are NASL teams and three are USL teams but the NASL has permitted three member teams to play in the USL conference to make this season possible.

Much more on this story later in the day.


Despite the conclusion of this saga, I am still unable to release much of the deep background and off the record information I have accumulated on how the settlement was reached. I do want to congratulate the USSF whose ability to resolve this situation was a great accomplishment.

One quick note however. I am told by a very good source that yesterday’s USSF call to announce the resolution had three times as many press call in to listen and ask questions than the average Bob Bradley call, despite having only three hours notice on the call. The Bradley calls are announced several days in advance. Moreover, I am told the total number of press on the call was close to the total number on the call in 2006 that formally announced Bob Bradley as the interim Head Coach. Amazing interest in the situation, and let us hope this momentum and interest continues for the combined league this season.

For more specifics on the actual compromise please visit our partner site, Inside Minnesota Soccer.


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