England and the United States in the same World Cup group is a draw that is made of dreams for me. Not purely because I’m an American citizen and a British citizen, but because it’ll shut a lot of people up. Whether that’s the egotistical English journalists that feel that a game against the United States will be a pushover for England. Or whether it’s the American soccer fans who claim that England aren’t the heavyweights they once were and that the USA could beat them.

I’m not saying either one is correct, but the match-up between England and the United States will hopefully put an end to a lot of those debates.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 12 when England plays the United States at 2:30pm ET. This for me and millions around the world will be a huge match.

My initial reaction to the draw for Group C for England is that their group opponents are beatable. Other than the United States, the other teams are Algeria and Slovenia. Neither will be easy, but there’s no reason England and the United States should not progress past this round.

What’s your reaction to England and the USA’s group? And what about the other groups? Post your feedback now by clicking the comments link below.