The inevitable has finally happened. After a series of good results, solid performances and goal-scoring exploits, Arsenal have been shaken awake. Dreams of Premier League glory looks to be in pieces after defeats against Sunderland and Chelsea, and even though Arsene Wenger claims that the Carling Cup isn’t a priority, defeat had to taste bitter. After all, it is the only trophy in which they stand a realistic chance in clinching, and the manner of defeat must have been hard to swallow.

Arsenal have a reputation for being self-destructive, particularly when they’re in good form. Of course, the untimely injuries to Van Persie, Clichy, Sagna and Walcott played a part in their dip, but i attribute most of it to complacency. In past seasons, whenever Arsenal have been in the lead in a match, they’ve somehow always managed to either squander it, or make it seem like they’re going to squander it. How many heart attacks have they caused already? Yet it seems like Arsene’s Adolescents never learn their lessons.

Another factor is their inability to finish. In past seasons, the phrase “trying to pass the ball into the net” had been used in almost every Arsenal game by the commentators. Their passing and movement were  sublime, but without a natural finisher to complete the move, it was all hard work and no reward. This season, that seems to be less of a problem. However, the real test begins now. Van Persie will be out for almost the rest of the season, and the form Eduardo is in reminds me of Van Persie a season or two ago. Even if Arsene buys in January, is it enough to salvage their season?

It may seem like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but with Arsenal, no one can be sure. There was speculation that this could be the season for Arsenal. I say, there’s more work to be done.