Our postgame podcast will be taped in a few hours. Guests will be Richard Farley of Inside the Six and World Soccer Reader, along with Jamie Trecker of FOX Sports.

What I plan to address on the pod.

  • Officiating at Azteca. Honduras lost on a pk.
  • Bob Bradley’s job performance: I rate him highly given the USSF’s constraints, but I am certain my guests will differ.
  • Why in the past some US player outperformed their club levels for the national team, but today we see the opposite.
  • The US’ failure to develop a true #10 replacement for Claudio Reyna.
  • Americanizing the talent pool with the Bradenton Academy: Has that cost the US dearly?
  • A hodgepoge of styles and personalities seeming to clash on the pitch for US
  • The collpase of Costa Rica
  • Empty seats at Rio Tinto

Any other questions can be asked by our listeners in the comments section.