EPL Talk Podcast: GolTV, Setanta North America, and FSC 09-10 Coverage Plans


For the fourth year in a row, EPL Talk brings you a special edition of the EPL Talk Podcast to preview the TV coverage changes that soccer fans in the United States can expect to see on Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta Sports and GolTV. The episode is a must-listen for soccer fans in North America.

In this episode, Rodrigo Lombello the COO of GOL TV, Shane O’Rourke the President of Setanta North America and Dermot McQuarrie the VP of Programing and Production for FSC join host Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss football coverage plans for the new season.

Premier League topics include:

  • Changes to Setanta’s coverage of the Premier League this season,
  • When Premier League games will be available on HD,

Champions League coverage:

  • How Fox Soccer Channel coverage of the Champions League will differ from ESPN,
  • How the rights are split between Fox Soccer Channel, FSN and Setanta Sports,
  • Which matches will be shown on Setanta-i – their broadband matches,
  • Fox Soccer Channel’s plans for broadband coverage of the UEFA Champions League,
  • UEFA.com’s involvement in bringing Champions League matches to online matches,
  • News about Fox Soccer Channel showing Champions League classic matches,

Bundesliga topics covered include:

  • Bundesliga coverage on GolTV and how they’ll be showing more live matches,
  • Whether Bundesliga matches will be available on broadband via GolTV,

International topics include:

  • GolTV’s rights to the national teams of Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland,
  • GolTV’s plans for World Cup 2010 coverage,
  • Setanta’s coverage plans for CONMEBOL games,
  • Setanta’s plans for coverage leading up to the 2010 World Cup,

La Liga news includes:

  • Sublicensing of La Liga games to ESPN and how that’ll impact GolTV,
  • News about a new show from GolTV called La Liga 360,

News about new TV shows from GolTV:

  • Whether GolTV has plans of airing Mexican games in the future,
  • News about a new league that GolTV is acquiring in the next two weeks,

And news about other leagues and shows:

  • Exclusive news about Bobby McMahon,
  • Whether we can hope to see Soccer AM on Fox Soccer Channel or not,
  • News about GolTV’s rights to Coppa Italia,
  • Setanta’s plans for coverage in Canada and whether it’s changed or not,
  • News about Setanta being added to more Comcast regional stations in the near future,
  • Which programs Setanta have lost because Setanta UK are out of business,
  • Fox Soccer Channel’s opinion about the Nielsen ratings it has been receiving,
  • Setanta’s plans for Lique Un and the Russian Premier League,
  • News about Serie A and MLS — and when they’ll be in HD on Fox Soccer Channel,
  • Setanta’s coverage of the Coca-Cola Championship and how you can watch more Championship games, and
  • Fox Soccer Channel’s memories of Lionel Bienvenu.

Thanks to all of the readers for submitting suggested questions, as well as thanks to Setanta, Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV for taking time out of their busy days to update EPL Talk readers and listeners on the soccer coverage news for US viewers.


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