ESPN360 is now available to Comcast customers a few days earlier than its originally planned August 4th launch date.

This is spectacular news for soccer fans who are also Comcast customers. ESPN360 is only available online to customers of ISPs who have contracted with ESPN to make the service available. And Comcast was one of the last major ISPs to hold out from carrying ESPN’s broadband package. Thankfully, the two giants agreed a deal earlier this year and Comcast customers can now enjoy ESPN’s broadband product.

ESPN’s broadband coverage of soccer has been growing especially with the recent addition of La Liga and Bundesliga games courtesy of a sub-license agreement with GolTV.

The timing of ESPN360 being available to Comcast customers is perfect — just in time for Wednesday’s Audi Cup game between Manchester United and Bayern Munich (Noon ET), and Everton against the MLS All-Star Team (9:30pm ET).

In addition to coverage of La Liga and Bundesliga, ESPN360 will also be showing the Dutch league (Eredivisie), Coca-Cola Championship, Major League Soccer, Serie A and other leagues and tournaments.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to experiencing soccer on ESPN360 from now on. Part of the reason is that I love technology and embrace advances in Internet streaming. Secondly, I have four kids so sometimes the only way I can get to watch matches is on a laptop while one of my kids is sleeping. uses Move Media Player technology.

Tip of the hat: The Third Half.