Let’s sit down and discuss this situation like grown adults here. I understand what everyone wants and what everyone is looking for. But to be frank and it’s very true what Kartik says, just because there is great football across the Atlantic doesn’t mean we have to ignore our league or leagues here in the United States. It doesn’t mean that if we change the way our game is played to all the things that Europe does that everyone will all of a sudden sign on to MLS or the USL.

We have been very critical of the structure of MLS in all of their dealings as well as their stingy salary cap and how players are acquired, etc. etc. etc. but it doesn’t mean we have to ignore it like it doesn’t exist. I have a good feeling you do know it’s here and you just simply don’t want to be apart of it. It’s too easy to support a Euro side than not to support an MLS or a USL side. Do you think everyone in Europe only cares about their National Team and not their own league? Of course not, but sadly over here there is a problem and that is something that can’t & shouldn’t happen.

It’s not about being a communist if you support only a Euro side and not an MLS or a USL side that you have no right to comment on things inside US Soccer, but to be fair it’s not supporting the sport here in the States that gets people like Kartik upset. A long time ago someone said MLS should shut down completely and all the good American players should move to Europe. Well how would that be possible if the scouts from Europe never come here finding the top players in the league to play in. So many times we have heard comments from this website or comments from other websites simply cutting down our leagues, saying what’s not true to the facts where some people don’t want to hear the facts at all.

But being from the New York City area it’s not just hearing this argument as well, there is another side to the story that no one knows. It’s the story about people still hoping for the return of that NASL powerhouse of the New York Cosmos. Bringing back the name of that great side that had the likes of Pele, Beckenbauer, Chignalia, Roth, Messing & so on. With their recent play in MLS Red Bull NY has looked horrible & disgustingly bad. Ever since they bought the MetroStars some of the supporters all of a sudden assumes the owner of the club doesn’t care about this MLS side and only cares about using it as advertising for their product. While I’m not happy with the way the club has performed, I won’t join the mob of miss-information that they assume the people in Salzberg doesn’t care about the club here in the New York City Area. There is a football stadium being built in Harrison, NJ and it’s not for their trick bikers, skateboards or there flutag events. What if the name Cosmos did come back to MLS, don’t expect them to sign all the top players of Europe and have them come over. Those people who remember the glory days will be gone in a heartbeat.

So finishing this report I have to say that there is still work to be done to make our respective leagues become great. That means supporting your respective sides from whatever city or state you live in. I won’t try to tell you that it’s equal to the leagues in Europe, because it’s not. But still it doesn’t hurt to support both a Euro club side and an MLS or USL side because it’s a win-win situation. But if both leagues fall, then our National Team program falls and everything goes back to square one and that will be joyous news for the anti-football supporters inside the USA as well as the Anti-USA Supporters from outside the country.