Official Twitter Accounts For Premier League Clubs


Liverpool Football Club may be far behind in the race for number of Premier League trophies, but the club is way ahead in the number of its Twitter followers. So much so that they have more followers than all of the other 19 Premiership clubs combined.

Embarrassingly, clubs that are institutions in English football such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United don’t have official Twitter feeds. In fact, as of writing, 35% of Premier League clubs don’t even have their own official Twitter account.

Part of the problem is that the majority of Premier League clubs sell mobile text alerts which are in direct competition to the free Twitter updates. And since the majority of Premier League clubs still use the horrid one-size-fits-all template design created by the design agency FL Interactive, they’re all charging the same rate of £4.99 per month for the mobile text alerts and are probably reluctant to give up that revenue stream until it runs dry.

Fortunately, many of the other Premier League clubs are catching on to how powerful the Twitter updates can be to increase loyalty, provide a free service to its supporters, and hope that it’ll turn into increased ticket and merchandise sales.

Here’s the list of official Twitter accounts for the 20 Premier League clubs:

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