FIFA President Blatter’s statement a couple weeks back regarding MLS and its schedule was way out of touch with the reality of the American sporting landscape.  Blatter said it was imperative for MLS to get on an August to May schedule in order to compete with other leagues for the best players.

Not only is there little about the comments that made common sense, but the statements further prove how extraordinary it is that an American-born sports league is being governed by a European-run entity.  A complete rebuke by the commissioner, Garber, would have been appropriate.  But Garber didn’t say anything other than playing an August to May schedule was not likely to happen in the near future.  Garber’s complicity for MLS being governed by FIFA will eventually lead to either his demise or the league’s.

It is a sin that the strongest American pro Soccer league can not lead on its own.  Comments like these recent ones by Blatter and Garber only show that they are completely removed from the reality of the American sports fan. 

Playing from August to May is a ludicrous idea for several reasons and Garber knows this.  He should just come out and say it, but he’s too much of a coward to tell the truth.  Garber won’t tell the whole truth ever as long as FIFA is in charge because he is intimidated and scared.  He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and lose opportunities for future FIFA tournaments on U.S. soil.  His thinking is that another World Cup here will also bring more fans to MLS. 

Garber keeps playing along, pretending that FIFA has all the answers, when he knows they don’t.  FIFA knows very little about the American sports fan’s expectations. 

Playing with the minds of the fans is not a game. It is a shame that Soccer at the professional level in the U.S. is being run by people with such little courage.