Barcelona Dominates Spanish SuperClásico
After a goalless display by an overly defensive Chelsea side in the Champions League, Barcelona busted out as The Blaugrana displayed their championship form in their annihilation of Real Madrid 6-2 at The Santiago Bernabeu.  Mathematically Barça hasn’t captured its 19th La Liga title but come on they are gonna win it.  7 point lead with 4 matches remaining, its a certainty.

The impressive thing about Barca’s win was that every time Real scored, Barça responded with a goal immediately.  Both times Thierry Henry was the person to swing the game back in Barça‘s favor.  Henry showed the poise and skill of a great goal scorer slotting the ball past Iker Casillas both times.  Both of Henry’s goals were set up by sensational over the top of defense passes, first by Messi after Higuain scored the opener in the 14th minute and then by Xavi immediately after Sergio Ramos scored in the 56th minute.

It was a typical Barcelona victory, a display of skill, speed, and possession.  Lionel Messi scored twice and goals by central defenders Gerard Pique & Carles Puyol completed the sweet Barcelona victory.  Lesser teams would have folded under the pressure of a supposed Real goal onslaught. Instead, Barça stayed calm and ripped the heart from Los GalactiNOs.  For Barcelona to reply the way they did against Real was impressive & showed that Barça has the mental toughness and confidence to win championships and that coveted treble. The glorious 6-2 result sent a signal to Chelsea that in a hostile environment Barça isn’t intimidated and will step on their opposition’s throat.

The 6-2 drubbing probably cost Juande Ramos an opportunity to coach Los Merengues next year.  Despite a fantastic run to stay hot on Barcelona’s heels, every time Real lost on his watch it was bad.  The 5-0 aggregate embarrassment against Liverpool in the Champions League and then this match at home with so much on the line.

It wasn’t perfect but there’s no need to nitpick a 6-2 victory.  Besides, a 6-2 victory against your fiercest rival is a time to gloat and stick your chest out. Barça outscored Real 8-2 in their two matches this season, sweet revenge from last season.  Celebrate Barça fans, Real got whipped. For The Blaugrana, its 1 trophy down, 2 more to go.

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