John Carver The Whiny Quitter


There he is ladies and gentleman the whiny quitter known as John Carver. As usual here is another wonderful mind coming to North America trying to install his tactics & emotion into a club that wants to be the best in Major League Soccer and of course being the best pro Canadian side to take out Montreal & Vancouver in the Nutralite Canadian Championships for their spot in the CONCACAF Champions League.

I understand very clearly that he is a passionate man on the sport of football and it doesn’t matter where he was going to land. Mo Johnston brought him in and sadly he told Mo that he was on his way out and let’s be truthful about this shall we? When Alan Shearer of Newcastle was named as the new manager of the club that he has played for these so many years, he needed an old friend to help him move the club along and right now it looks like it’s going to start in the Championship League for next year as Newcastle is going to be relegated.

Now Let me say that I enjoy a head coach showing passion on the sidelines wanting & willing his club to win and perform the game plan to perfection, yet when he did go over the top, sadly MLS did tell him to tone it down. That was mistake number one from the top brass of the league, yet what Carver should’ve done was to let that little problem roll down his back and ignore it. Keep his fire up and continue to will his side to win matches.

But every time or whenever he had a problem with the league or the officials from US Soccer & I bet he had some problems with the Canadian officials as well with how they call matches, those problems festered and I bet he was wishing he was back in England and in calm waters. Well once he got a call from Alan Shearer to come home, that’s when he made his little comments at FC Dallas on that suspect hand ball. Any little excuse he needed to bust the door down to return to England and to Newcastle was all he needed to say goodbye.

Isn’t that the typical way of an Englishman? The need to leave our league in a lerch and head back home or at least back to the continent crying or demanding of first team football that was David Beckham and now Carver. In all honesty if you want to see which players & coaches in MLS from the United Kingdom has done a fantastic job of showing loyalty to the league as well as being in North America are Steve Nicol from New England, Terry Cooke of Colorado and currently on the TFC roster, Danny Dichio, Rohan Ricketts & Carl Robinson. Listen I never said MLS is a World Class League, but it’s our league and we as supporters of it either in the USA or Canada need to have someone who commits to it to be in it for the long haul of their contract. All we ask is for a fair shot from these people either as a coach or a player & when they are whining and whimpering they want out, well as you have already seen it in two separate cases but are linked together they want out right away because it’s not like England or like Europe.

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