Alan wants 10 points from the next 4 games i think...

Well!  It’s finally happened. The breaking news in the last 15 minutes is that Alan Shearer will take  charge of Newcastle United until the end of the current season.

Joe Kinnear’s medical condition leaves him unfit to return to work at this current time which has left owner Mike Ashley with a search for a new man. What i didn’t expect after years of  Shearer distancing himself from being linked to the job and displaying contempt for Ashley and his regime on national televion, is for him of all people to take up the reigns.

However Shearer is in a no-lose situation. If the club goes down, in the Toon Army’s eyes he is still a legend and it was too late to save them anyway. If he keeps the Magpies afloat, he further enhances his reputation with the fans.  He is to Newcastle what Zola was to Chelsea, what Moore was to West Ham and what Best and Cantona were to Manchester United – a shining light whose glow in the clubs history will never fade.

As i write this very few details are being written very few details have been released.  But i will tell you one thing, i would put money on him keeping them up. I might even put money on him walking away from the job at the end of the season. For all this is wonderful news in the short term for the supporters on the Gallowgate, Alan Shearer will never see eye to eye with Ashley or Wise. He is doing this because he loves the club and cannot bear to see them go down.