Who said that there was nothing in the political arena that was going to be more heated than the US presidential elections.  Well it has finally been met.  Real Madrid has a tendency to upstage any news in Spain in recent years, but this one seems to be the king of all upstagers.  Accroding to sports daily As,  former club president Ramón Calderón has officially placed himself in the running for the upcoming elections at Real Madrid. Yeah, it sounds nearly incredible, but in the world of politics it is possible.  After trying to strong arm his fiscal plan past the Madrid assembly by bringing in some of the team’s ultras to offer the intimidation factor, Calderón is doing this for some of the right (and wrong) reasons.  To see Calderón running for president is the equivalent of seeing Richard Nixon run in 1976 against  Jimmy Carter.

It seems like a Hollywood script writer grabbed this and wrote it the way it has come out.   Two former presidents that left the club in disgrace are now ready to get back in the saddle and obtain what is supposedly theirs.  Calderón is obviously doing this in order to try clean up his legacy.  He must see the sole fact that Florentino candidacy

Add to that the fact that Calderón is asking for there to be town hall meeting- style  debate, he is starting to sound more like John McCain in that front as well as in others.  According to As, Calderón is looking to establish himself as the leader of the Madrid opposition to Florentino Perez’ candidacy.

We can all agree that although they obtained short-term success, neither president was able to maintain a long-term policy in place.  Their respective presidencies were not successful, so what would allow the Madrid faithful to believe that these are the men that should lead their beloved club once again.  I am not so sure about that.   But if there is one good thing about seeing Calderón (despite his intentions to get credit the spotlight) place his name on the ballot is so no one sees Pérez simply get the presidency virtually unchallenged.

Ideally there is the need for a change in direction as far as the policies that the club has had for close to a decade.  I am not a club member