Pepe mentioned last week that ¨things would be different at Anfield¨. He couldn´t have been more right.  No one expected Liverpool to come out so actively offensively and Madrid to be left impotent.  Liverpool dominated the Champions League return leg from whistle to whistle and Real Madrid were a meek shell of what they looked like during their impressive run domestically.

Iker Casillas could not have shed enough tears while leaving the pitch at Anfield.  Real Madrid’s win impressive run of form is all of a sudden a thing of the past and the future is looking more and more uncertain.  On Wednesday, interim president Vicente Boluda stated that he is considering changing the elections to June, while many top brass members are looking at May.  “It would be a model similar to how they do it in the US,” said Eugenio Martínez Bravo, the president of the Junta Blanca.  “Obama was elected in November, but did not take over until January.”