Slowly but surely, more details are coming out about England’s new home shirt scheduled to be unveiled on March 28th when England plays Slovakia at Wembley.

In a new article on the Umbro blog entitled “The New England Kit: How It All Began,” Umbro senior designer David Blanch reveals that the new England shirt will feature an insignia at the bottom of each Three Lions crest which will include a mark of recognition for the opposing team. It may be something similar to the England crests (pictured above) from the 1950’s where the opposition name was featured.

Blanch also reveals that the inspiration for the new England shirt happened after a trip to the National Football Museum in Preston. One label especially opened their eyes.

“We took a small team of people up to National Football Museum in Preston and our role there was to absorb what the game is really about,” said Blanch. “We were looking at both what football stands for and what is football ‘soul’. One of the football kits that we saw had a great label in it, saying ‘Tailored By Umbro In England’, which made us think about why Umbro referenced tailoring in football kits? It became apparent to us that tailoring was a significant part of both Umbro’s history and footballs heritage. We went on to put the concept together and brought back ‘Football Tailored’ as the inspiration for innovation.”

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