Disgraceful FIFA Need Rules Shake-up after Boswinga Let-off


When I first saw the news that Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa will not be punished for his blatant stamp on the back of Liverpool midfielder Yossi Benayoun in yesterday’s Premier League clash, my first reaction was one of complete and utter disgust.

How can such a violent act be overlooked when Frank Lampard receives a red card and three-match ban for a clean tackle?

The lack of punishment highlights how outrageous FIFA’s current laws are. Currently, a player cannot receive punishment after a game if the incident in question was seen by one of the match-day officials on the day – which is what happened in Bosingwa’s case. That is completely ludicrous when it allows a player to get away with a disgraceful stamp on the back of another professional, as seen at Anfield yesterday.

I’m sure the FA would like to do something about it, but unfortunately they have no option other than to let Bosingwa off. I’m sure they would like to hand the Chelsea full-back a hefty fine or lengthy ban, but unfortunately they can’t. The FA’s stupid parents at FIFA won’t let them.

You could also blame the linesman closest to the Bowsingwa incident for not alerting the referee of the stamp.  It was truly remarkable that he did not even consider the assault a foul, especially given that he was only one yard away from the episode. In fact, he actually awarded a free-kick against Benayoun for some unknown reason. Even more remarkable.

But the main issue is with FIFA, whose terrible laws do not allow players to be punished after matches for crimes that were seen by the match-day officials. Sepp Blatter and his band of barmy brothers are trying out silly new ideas in youth championships, like experimenting with two extra officials behind each goal, but they are completely overlooking the most important matter of all.

If in this modern world of television replays and slow motion play-backs, footballers are still getting away with assault, then there is something seriously wrong. Why can’t FIFA just change the damn rule?!?

If FIFA think that not undermining the decisions of referees is more important than stamping out, quite literally in the Boswinga case, violent conduct, then the footballing world must be worried.

Boswinga’s challenge on Benayoun was an absolute disgrace, but so are FIFA for allowing it to go unpunished.


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